5 Extreme Sports You Might Not Have Heard of

Extreme sports are interesting and we all love them for it. Snowboarding, freerunning, parachuting, free climbing or ice diving are not the only extreme sports that are out there. There are plenty of extreme sports that we know of and love.

But, there are some obscure extreme sports that border on the impossible, that not even other extreme sports practitioners get into. The people who practice these sports are rare, just imagine, if you have never heard of a sport, it is likely that you have also not met its practitioner.

Here are the world’s most interesting extreme sports that you have not heard of.

Mountain Unicycling

mmechtley [1], CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons – cropped

Some sports are hard, but this one takes it to the next level. Unicycling is normal nowadays, at least, compared to a couple decades ago. There are even travel unicycles which have a brake and a brake handle, just below the seat. They have huge, 24 inch wheels, and have quite a presence compared to unicycles meant for tricks. 

Then, you have the people who decide that mountain biking is not hard enough and that a unicycle going downhill is the way to have fun and practice.

The creator of this sport, Kris Holm, says that this is a better sport for dog lovers than mountain biking, because the dog will be able to keep up. 

Volcano Surfing

When the days are hot and there isn’t any snow, and you don’t want to get wet in the water, the logical thing is to climb up to a volcano and start surfing. Volcano surfing has its origins in Nicaragua and it is seen as a fun sport. 

Special boards are used, made from reinforced steel. Beginners often start their journeys sitting rather than standing. Water and snow are much softer than volcanic rock, that much is sure. Traveling at 50 miles per hour is pretty quick and some volcano surfers or boarders, take it as far as it is possible.

Underwater Cave Diving

Going underwater, with a tank and all the essential gear can be scary, particularly for those who are new to the sport. Add to that the danger of going into a cave, and you have a combination of spelunking and diving, which basically makes it one of the most dangerous sports you could attempt. Not many people practice this sport, but the adventure and sights are well worth the risk.

Heli Skiing/Boarding

Off road skiing and snowboarding is what most experienced and adventure-oriented skiers and snowboarders want to do. However, the resorts have strict rules and are often vigilant about enforcing them, meaning that breaking a rule could end up with you losing your ski pass.

This is why there is an even more extreme alternative, and it involves taking a helicopter to a remote location, a mountain top, and then going downhill. An unexplored slope, wild powder, it is an adventurer’s dream.

Wingsuit Proximity Flying

Wingsuit jumping involves athletes jumping out of a plane with a wingsuit, or even solid ground, with the goal of soaring through the air, but close to dangerous objects such as cliffs and mountain slopes. It is a very, very dangerous extreme sport, probably the one with the most inherent risk other than free soloing.

These are some of the most interesting extreme sports that you haven’t heard of. Will you try any?

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