The Surfing Equipment You Need – The Essentials

Every sport has some requirements that an athlete must meet in order to even start playing or practicing the sport. From one sport to another, there are plenty of things that an athlete must learn to do but before they start, they need equipment.

Sports like surfing are simply not doable without a surfboard. But, are surfboards the only thing that an upcoming surfer needs? Well, no, there are many components to surfing and here is all the equipment you need.

The Bread and Butter – The Board

Imagine snowboarding without a snowboard, it would be called sliding or rather, falling down a mountain slope. Surfing, like other similar sports, requires the athlete to have a surfboard. Surfboards come in different shapes and sizes, and depending on the surfer’s skill, they might need a longboard, a fish, a gun, a hybrid, shortboard, or a sup board. 

Getting the right board comes down to a couple of criteria, the kind of surfing one wants to do, their level as a surfer and their physicality, namely the height. 

Wetsuits and Rashguards – Surfing Clothes

The weather outside may not be the most appropriate for staying out in the open, in the water and most likely, wind. When the circumstances involve the cold and the rain and amazing waves, a surfer turns to a wetsuit, often a full suit. For lower temperatures and when things are cold and unpleasant, wetsuits trap the body’s heat and keep the surfer warm.

On the flip side, when it is very warm outside, a rashguard is recommended, so as not to get rashes from lying on the surfboard (which is very grippy). Clothing depends on the surfer and circumstances, but wetsuits and rashguards are essential.

Wax and Traction Pads

A surfboard is the only tool you have when surfing, meaning that you need to take good care of it. Surfing wax is used to keep the board grippier. Regular wax coatings will help the surfer stay on the board and will keep the board from obtaining superficial damage.

Traction pads do just what their name says, they provide traction. Just like wax provides traction, a traction pad is placed at the end of a surfboard, to prevent the back foot from sliding. Both are effective and it is up to the surfer’s preference.

Sunblock and Sunglasses

Going out in the water means plenty of sun exposure, which is really bad during hot summer days. This also means that a surfer needs good sunblock, preferably mineral. When on water, the surfer needs to be wary of the reflection of the sun; meaning that polarized sunglasses are mandatory. Suddenly being blinded by a reflection could endanger others if you lose your way or fall off the board.

Gear is essential for sports and these are the things every surfer needs.

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