Cycling for Beginners: 4 Need-to-Know Tips to Get Started

Everybody wants to try something new at some point in their lives. Hobbies are what make our days full and interesting. From knitting to playing video games, everybody needs a hobby of some sort. Some people want a more physical hobby, where exercise is also part of the experience.

Cycling is a perfect hobby for those who like to explore by using their own bodies as a fuel source. However, beginner cyclists often make mistakes which can be avoided through information, which shall not be presented.

Getting the Right Bicycle for You

Every beginner should have a great bicycle. Not all bicycles are great, nor is every great bicycle the right one for a beginner. A beginner cyclist could have lots of experience with extreme sports and would want to get into mountain biking immediately, in which case they should purchase a mountain bike, or even a downhill bike.

Those who primarily commute should probably consider a city or trekking bicycle, or an e-bike if they have the budget. 

Cyclists who prefer riding on roads should consider road bikes, or gravel bikes if they want to go on dirt roads from time to time. Getting the right bicycle for you depends on where you plan to ride it and your budget.

Safety First – Wear Helmets

Most countries have strict cycling laws, mostly pertaining to safety. Safety on a bicycle is very important and any cyclist will tell you their crash and burn stories, as well as situations in traffic. Visit the r/cycling subreddit if you want to see cracked helmets, or even broken in half, to see why helmets are very important.

Most cyclists also have signal lights, which are obligatory in many countries. Consider having a rear-view mirror, helmet mounted or handlebar mounted, to see what is going on behind you. More information about traffic is better. Beginner cyclists should also learn the written and unwritten rules of cycling in traffic (in their country, because it changes from country to country, and even city to city).

Start Slow

Going on a 100 kilometer or mile ride is not recommended to beginners. They will be tired and out of energy and they will get serious saddle soreness. Saddle soreness is a great example of why a beginner should take things slowly, and get padded bike pants or shorts. 

Find an experienced rider or friend to go on trips with, and start with local sights and something relatively close by, depending on your fitness level and the ability to handle the saddle.

Building a good and solid foundation is important in any sport and cycling is not an exception.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride

A hobbyist cyclist should not be focused on perfect form, because for them, the perfect form will be the one which causes no damage to their body and provides enough comfort for whicher type of cycling they choose. 

Having fun and simply riding for pleasure is a big part of cycling. Why would you choose a hobby if you don’t enjoy it? Remember to have fun, fool around and enjoy, while still staying safe.

Cycling is a great hobby that many people enjoy doing. Beginners often run into problems which can be avoided by reading these tips. Staying safe is paramount and enjoying the ride a second priority.

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