Top Snowboarding Competitions You Need to Know

Extreme sports are fun, partly because they are so adrenaline-inducing, partly because as a spectator, you see amazing stunts performed by athletes who risk their lives for adrenaline, personal reasons, or whatever it is that motivates them. It’s most often the spectators, who, in order to make their time spent watching the games more fun, look for bonus codes online that they get after the betway registration. Extreme sports are often winter sports, believe it or not. Most winter sports are really fast and feature stunts which are by their nature, dangerous.

Snowboarding is one of those sports that you should always watch if you get the opportunity to, particularly professional snowboarders. Here are the top extreme sports competitions and snowboarding competitions that you should know of and watch.

X Games

X Games has a long history of extreme sports, the X referring to extreme. They feature all sorts of sports and snowboarding has been one of its main events. Snowboarding is often seen as a more urban type of activity, even though it is also an Olympic event. 

However, X Games has always treated snowboarding as a great sport and one that viewers should get excited for. It is an extreme sport, particularly when you consider all the jumps, flips and potential hazards that might befall an athlete who makes a mistake. X Games are annual so expect them every year at around the same time.

Philip Nelson from San Antonio, TX, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The US Open

When there are so many US Opens, it is very difficult to tell the difference between them. In this case, the US Open refers to the snowboarding tournament that has taken place for over two decades, annually, of course. It takes place at the very end of the winter season, which means in March. It is a very good snowboarding competition with a decent prize pool of more than 25,000 USD. This is actually a lot of money for snowboarding events. 

The Olympic Games

The scarcity of the Olympic Games, while they are good, makes them a desirable tournament to watch, but one which you have to wait 4 years to enjoy. The Olympics attract the highest talents from all over the world, sometimes people who you would otherwise never get to hear about. Every country has a snowboarder, but not every country has a professional hidden somewhere, without social media or exposure. 

Snowboarding has 6 events in both men’s and women’s snowboarding, some of which resemble what you would see in skiing, like slalom, to something very specific to snowboarding (and skateboarding), the half-pipe. There is even a mixed event, the snowboard cross. 

FIS Snowboard World Cup

Why not watch the official world cup in snowboarding, hosted by the one organization which oversees international snowboarding competitions. This is the competition to watch if you want to see what professionals do. It is an annual competition so you can watch it every year, from December to March, of course.

Snowboarding is a very fast and interesting sport, great for everybody who wants to experience a little speed and adrenaline. If you want to spectate it, these are the world class tournaments to watch, some of which you can see every year and one of them, every four years.

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