Why Do We Love Extreme Sports so Much?

Sports are so much fun – we can get together with our friends or family to watch it and predict results, after scrolling through sports betting reviews like the Rajabets Review and choosing the provider we like the most. However, sometimes we may get tired of watching all the same sports. What to do if, for a moment, it becomes monotone for us?

Extreme sports are the solution in those situations. We like extreme sports, but could it be that we love them just because we need some excitement in our lives? The reasons are many but let us look at some of them, to help everybody understand why we love extreme sports.

Adrenaline is Fun

Adrenaline is basically the hormone that is secreted any time we want to move or perform any action. It is necessary for motion. It is also there when we have our fear-response and when we are in danger. Having our bodies full of adrenaline is almost an intoxicating experience, where one wants more. 

Some people become addicted to adrenaline-inducing activities, and not the kind that come from drugs or other substances. A great source of adrenaline is an extreme sport. Jumping off a cliff in a wingsuit is pretty dangerous and very fun. Climbing a rock without any safety gear is a very mindful experience, where one must dedicate all their focus and strength and mastery to the motions, otherwise they will end up dead. 

Adrenaline gets us going, but it can also make us want more.

Some People Have Less Fear

When the amygdala (a gland in our brain that represents the core fear system) is slow to react and does not get active unless we are in some blisteringly obvious danger, we might end up seeking extreme sports. 

Some people are not adrenaline junkies as much as they require extreme sports to feel something. Some people get scared when watching another person wash windows on a skyscraper, while others are mildly amused when snowboarding down a slope of a mountain, with little to no regard for their personal safety. For some people, extreme sports are just a way to feel alive and present in this universe.

Repetition Makes it Easier

Some of us get into something at a young age and we stick with it.

While parkour and rock climbing are very dangerous, once most of the things that you learn as a beginner become second-nature, such as breathing, you can do these things without even considering them extreme.

The definition changes in the eye of an experienced practitioner. What is otherworldly for some becomes another day of practice for another. Just like a virtuoso guitarist seems like their fingers are flying all over the fretboard, so does the parkour master, who is executing a series of basic jumps, but high above ground.

Socializing – Like in Other Sports

Extreme sports are still sports and there is a lot of interaction with other people. Socializing is very important for humanity and extreme sports are but another way for some people to bridge the gap. Some go to cafes, others go to a mountain in winter and climb peaks. We all need different activities to get through our days and for some of us, extreme sports are just one of those activities, a way to connect with others.

There are many reasons to love extreme sports and these will vary from person to person, so take the above mentioned ones as mere examples. 

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