4 Mistakes Beginner Cyclists Make and How to Avoid Them

Cycling, like any other sport, has a learning curve. Learning how to cycle ranges from not falling from the bicycle to doing double flips and racing down a rocky mountain. Cyclists tend to make mistakes, just like any other athlete would.

However, beginner cyclists tend to make even more mistakes. Firstly, it would be great to know which mistakes are those and even better, how to avoid them or fix them. Read on to find out.

Getting the Wrong Bicycle

Purchasing bicycles can go wrong. You can get a road bike while wanting to go mountain biking. While mistakes such as these are unlikely to happen, someone might end up purchasing a road bike while wanting to also ride on dirt roads, in which case a gravel bike would be better.

Bicycles which do not fit, either by being too small or large are also a problem for most beginners. This is fixable by looking up size charts online or asking professionals who work in stores. If you get the wrong bicycle, you can still probably return it, sell it, or adapt to a different type of riding.

Not Purchasing Safety Gear

Safety is important in any sport and cycling can be more dangerous than most sports. In ideal conditions, cycling is safe-ish, but when you account for traffic, bad tires, slippery roads, mountain biking, cycling becomes dangerous.

Safety gear includes a helmet, full face or regular, signal lights, a rear view mirror and perhaps a lamp should you ride at night. Downhill cyclists will have more protective gear, for their knees, elbows and shoulders, though downhill cyclists are almost never beginner cyclists. Purchase safety gear on time to prevent any injuries or fines (safety gear is mandatory in most parts of the world).

Going Too Fast Too Soon

Most cyclists do not learn the basics of how to enter or get out of a turn, when to brake and when not and which brake to use. These things seem like little things but they can cost somebody dearly. Braking too hard with your rear brake will lock the rear wheel, which ends up in the cyclist losing control. 

Practice with experienced cyclists and ask them for help with whichever thing you feel like you are not good at. Cycling is dangerous and getting the basics right as soon as someone starts cycling is the best investment they can make.

Not Knowing How to Ride in Traffic

This is learned through experience, but most cyclists go through hell to learn that, unless someone guides them through the process. Using hands to signal your direction, as well as obeying traffic laws are good habits to have in traffic. 

Take note that not every person will be following the rules. Sometimes, a cyclist must ride in the middle of the lane for their own safety. Talk with experienced cyclists to get a better idea of how to ride in a specific city/country.

These have been 4 common mistakes that cyclists make, as well as what to do to prevent or fix them. Ride safely!

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