The Best Surfing Spots Around the World

Some sports are simply more difficult to practice than others. For football, you need grass and a ball, and maybe a goal and other players. You could technically practice on your own. The same goes for other sports like volleyball and basketball, and even tennis. A wall can be a decent opponent in tennis.

Sports like surfing are more difficult because one needs a larger body of water, preferably moving. For instance, there are many more spots to surf in in Australia, than there are in Europe. It also depends if surfing in popular in the area. For example, in Africa, surfing isn’t as popular as it is in Australia because sports fans in Africa usually like watching football: and when it comes to watching football, they use 22bet in South Africa while watching the matches because it adds to their fun.

Not everybody has access to a sea or an ocean and the skill to even stand on a surfboard. The seas may be calm but they are one large ship away from sending you off your board.

If you like surfing or want to take it up, you will need some decent surfing spots. Here are the world’s best surfing spots.

Gold Coast in Australia

Australia is a tourist paradise, for most people, other than Australians. They are native to the land and have met its many deadly spiders and other critters. On another note, Australia also has plenty to offer when it comes to shorelines. Gold Coast is located in Queensland and it is an amazing beach to be on. A surf paradise, for those that want to visit Australia. The winters are mild, so you can even go surfing during the winter season, if you can settle for more wind and having to dry yourself quicker. 

Malibu in California

Malibu is one of those locations that is so iconic that it has become a World Reserve. Close enough to Los Angeles and other things relevant in California, it is one of the best surfing locations. Even though it can be crowded at times, particularly during the hottest days of the season, Malibu has around 300 days viable for surfing, which is most of the year. Those two months can be used to plan for your next surfing trip.

Ericeira in Portugal

A funny thing about World Reserves, Ericeira was the first ever World Surfing Reserve, and it achieved such status in 2011. The reason for this is that it is a prime surfing location, with over 9 beaches, all of which are great for surfing. Needless to say, if you want a great surfing experience, beginner or advanced, this is the place to be. It also hosts international tournaments, so that is a bonus for those who want to say: “I was there!”

San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua

Why not visit Central America? The US gets enough tourism as it is and Central America has a lot to offer, with surfing also on the menu. This is actually a very popular tourist location, for more than just surfing, so expect to find anything from night life to various outdoor activities and adventures. It is still a lot less crowded than destinations in Mexico and Costa Rica.

There are plenty of surfing locations in San Juan del Sur, so take your pick, from beginner-friendly locations to those meant for advanced surfers. 

Bukit Peninsula in Indonesia

Bali is an amazing destination without even mentioning surfing. It is great and for those who want to surf or simply explore a great location, the Bukit Peninsula is the place to go. There are locations which can accommodate all levels of surfers, as well as sights which you could gravitate to after a good day on the board.

The world is full of amazing locations and destinations, some of which can double as great surfing locations. These have been some of the world’s most interesting and best surfing spots that you should visit if you get the chance to. 

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