What Biking Gear Do You Need as a Beginner?

Cycling is a great sport, but when you get into it, you start looking at gear and all the lovely things that you could buy. This is true for any hobby, be it guitar playing, car modding, or DIY. Cycling gear can go from really cheap to ridiculously expensive and beginner cyclists should not be the ones who spend hours overthinking about which brake pad to purchase.

Essential gear aside, there are accessories which cyclists should have, or that could be helpful. Here is some gear that beginners cyclists could use.


Helmets are very important for anybody riding a two wheeler. Bicycles are not as fast as motorbikes, however, you are just as exposed and falling on your head could result in a serious injury or worse. Helmets save lives, from your own mistakes and that of other people.

From a simple helmet to a full face helmet, depending on what kind of cycling you are into, helmets are not only mandatory in most parts of the world, but also very useful. Safety should be your first concern.

Signal Lights and Lamps

Signal lights are also important, so that everybody else could see you. Traffic is dangerous and cyclists are exposed, while also limited by their speed and acceleration. A red signal light on the back and a white one in front, just like cars use, should keep you visible enough. You might want to consider a light-reflective jacket if you are riding at night or in extremely poorly lit conditions. The jacket should shine just like traffic signs do.

Lamps are useful when riding at night in poorly lit areas. Take note that most good lamps cost 100 dollars or more, if you actually want to see in the dark. Consider headlamps as an alternative.

Water Bottle Holder

A water bottle holder is essential on any bicycle except downhill bicycles. Long rides, especially those in summer under hot and sunny weather can leave you thirsty or worse, dehydrated.

Choose a metal one, if possible, there are those made out of aluminium or even better, carbon. They will be able to hold larger bottles while weighing less. This is more important for trekking bicycles, where one would actually be carrying a larger water bottle.

Phone Holder

Like water battle holders, phone holders are almost as essential, given that everybody brings phones with them. Mount it on your handlebars or frame, to have it on standby should you need navigation or to contact someone in case of an emergency. It frees up your hands and pockets and provides you with navigation when you go to uncharted territories. 

Beginners can also fall into the bottomless pit of gear browsing, but if they follow these gear tips, they will end up purchasing useful gear perfect for their level of mastery.

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